Tasmania's North West Coast

Wednesday we ventured along the north west coast, stopping at various places of interest on the way to our B&B in the small town of Wynyard.

Our first stop was at the scenic lookout above Leven Canyon. It was so high it made me dizzy looking over the edge.

Unfortunately the rain began to set in for the rest of the day so our original plans were a washout.

We made a brief stop at the coastal town of Penguin and had lunch at a bakery then drove on towards the town of Stanley out on a promontory at the far west.

Unfortunately it was raining so hard by now we couldn't get out of the car so decided to give up on our sightseeing and just check in to our accommodation.
Hmm.  Are we on the right road?

We had planned to watch the Fairy Penguins on their evening trek from the ocean up the beach to their nests but rain stopped play so a steak dinner and a glass of local wine came to the rescue.


  1. Murdering Gully Road sounds like it should be in an episode of Scooby Doo!

  2. You certainly sound to be fitting a lot into your tour, Sorry about missing the penguins on their trek up the beach.

  3. Its good that they provide a Meals On Wheels service for the Penguins.

  4. You were very brave to look over the edge! I don't like heights and won't go near the edge never mind look over!

    Did you get to see any real penguins in the end?

  5. Spectacular views. They really seem to be into penguins. Hope you see some of the Fairy Penguins soon.

  6. I was born and raised in the Yorkshire village of Leven. I wonder if there's a connection.


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