Tasmania's Wildlife

One of the things I loved about Tasmania was its weirdly unique species of wildlife often to be found wandering around on the roadside verges, although sadly also splashed across the road surface as roadkill after a clash with the huge logging trucks.

These are just a few that we came across on our journey...

The elusive duck billed platypus - yes it really exists(!) - swiming along in a creek in a small town. (You may need to zoom in to see him properly,  he was moving very  fast)

Maria Island National Park, accessible only by the twice-daily National Parks boat, is home to many species of native wildlife. We saw wombats up close, plus wallabies and kangaroos, who were more wary of getting close.

This kookaburra lived in the trees surrounding the wonderful B&B, Bed In The Treetops

We saw several echidnas by the roadside - like a large hedehog with long spines and a very long proboscis for digging out insects. They seemed to tolerate us getting quite close..

Not exactly in the wild, these fascinating creatures were in the seahorse breeding farm...

The iconic Tasmanian Devil is now an endangered species and can rarely be found in the wild. We visited the wildlife reserve to see these creatures living under the protection of the reserve..

On our very last day I was lucky enough to see this baby possum, awaking from a snooze right beside the path in the cafe where we stopped for coffee...

Throughout our journey we saw and heard a beautifully vivid blue little bird everywhere, wonderfully named the Superb Fairy Wren. It was much too quick to capture on film so I had to make do with this picture of one as a wind chime (not real!) ..


  1. "Hello Possums!"

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for sharing your photos with us. I am VERY impressed that you managed to spot a wild platypus!

    1. We waited on that riverbank for ages. A local had told us that there were a couple there a little while earlier but we had to wait a long time before one showed up, then it sped past so fast I barely got a couple of photos before it disappeared.

  3. I enjoyed your videos - but was completely distracted by the "Chef John" videos that followed. Great photos!

    1. Ha, ha. I haven't quite worked out how to upload my videos to YouTube without that happening!

  4. I've followed your Tassie travels via Weaver Pat's blog. I lived there for some years and think it is a state with much natural beauty. You seemed to enjoy your trip and saw many places I like to spend time in; Binalong Bay, Cradle Mtn and Hobart to list a few.
    You were very, very lucky to spot that platypus and your echidna photos are excellent.
    Looking forward to more photos.

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog, and for your comments. It is indeed a special place and I feel very lucky to have been able to see as much as we did, especially the wonderful creatures that we would never see anywhere else.

  5. Beautiful wild life. I would love to have seen the Superb Fairy Wren...


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