Zeehan and the Pioneers' Museum

Friday. We had originally intended to spend today on the Gordon River cruise. 5 hours along the main waterway down this stretch of coast taking in various points of interest along the way.

The weather was not really conducive to a jaunt on the water. It was blowing a hoolie and raining hard.

We decided instead to drive 40 minutes north to the small mining town of Zeehan where they have a museum celebrating the area's pioneer history.

Our first stop though was for coffee at the town's only coffee shop. Very quirky.

When we arrived at the museum we were surprised by the amount of "stuff" on display.  For anyone not interested in industrial heritage look away now.


  1. I bet it was a rough place to be when they all had a drink or ten? Super photos.

  2. You are seeing some interesting places!


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