Back to Normal

Here in La Gomera all is back to normal again. Most places closed up on Christmas Eve afternoon and all day yesterday,  apart from the cafe bars around the main square which were crammed full with cruise ship passengers yesterday.  Thankfully the cruise ship left port at 5 pm so we were able to go out for a beer.

Today was a little misty up on the peaks so we stayed in town.  Coffee and cake was involved.

We bought more food and wine then visited the little museum around the corner.  It is housed in a 15th century merchant's house. Tiny but very interesting.  The chap on the desk was very friendly and we chatted about his island and ours.

An afternoon spent lounging around in the apartment away from the heat of the sun.

We shall pop out later when it is cooler and enjoy a little drink in the bar in the square.


  1. Coffee and cake sound good. Have you heard from Elfie?

  2. What an interesting background to the island. Now I need to visit and see it for myself.


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