With the clear, cold weather the past few nights we have been treated to some very beautiful sunsets. As our sitting room faces south west we get a grandstand view of the sun setting behind Peel Hill.

Each night has been different, depending on the cloud formations at the time, and the colours have also varied quite a bit.

Here are the last two ...

This one was a mix of gold tones

This one was pinks and purples 

Looks like another good one is shaping up for us later on.

By the way, today Elfie was trying to get Rudolph to take him to Santa


  1. Super sunsets. Tell Rudolph that the real Santa lives in Lapland.

    1. Rudolph was going nowhere. He is on strike, demanding more carrots and 364 days off a year.

  2. Elfie should write his own blog.

  3. Doesn't look as though Elfie is having a lot of success.

  4. Daddy Elf shouted at Naughty Elf, "Get down off that reindeer you lazy bugger! And go and tidy up your room! Your mam told me she found a bunch of fairy magazines under your mattress - you dirty little elf!"


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