Too Hot

Friday morning and we decided to go out for a walk after breakfast.

We walked down to the seafront and around the point until the path comes to an end at the base of the cliffs.

We stopped for coffee at the ferry port and sat for a while idly watching the boats coming and going. 

By now it was coming up to lunchtime so we headed back to the apartment for some local bread, cheese, ham and fruit. We were going to sit out on the balcony but there was no shade and it was too darned hot.

We retreated inside and closed the curtains against the bright sunlight. 

Of course we then fell asleep. Must be getting old.

Elfie seems to have found some local friends...


  1. A citizen's arrest for Elfie? He's not been shoplifting has he?

  2. Naughty Elf was similar to Northsider in West Cork - very partial to a threesome begorrah!

    (How amazing to have such sunny, warm weather down in La Gomera! You lucky things!)

  3. Sun to hot to sit in. Gorgeous at Xmas!

  4. Following your travels enviously - it was -4C here yesterday and that was with the sun shining!

  5. That gorgeous blue sky...

    Oh Elfie, what are you doing?


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