Wet and Windy Thursday

I ventured out this morning as I had a hairdresser appointment but it was very unpleasant out there.

Back home with the fire lit and a mug of builders' tea.

Elfie was busy while I was out.  I wonder what he's wrapped up for my Christmas present?


  1. Elfie looks like he's only gone and wrapped up Incey Wincey, the six legged spider.

    Wet and windy here and the range is lit. Not long before a glass we are having a glass from the top shelf.

  2. I wondered why the parcel was wriggling. I must look out for the missing legs.

    Enjoy your glass (or two)?

  3. Thanks. A night cap helps you sleep when it's blowing a gale outside.

  4. Naughty Elf had wrapped a very small parcel for Mummy Elf. What could be in the mystery parcel? Daddy Elf shoved Naughty Elf's arm up his back till Naughty Elf admitted it was a new denture with a diamond incisor.

    1. What a very fertile imagination you have there Mr P.


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