Solitary Confinement

One of P's friends has just messaged him to say that he has been put into self quarantine for the next 14 days  as he has developed a cough.  Up until now he has been able to go to work as he is a key worker.

He now has to remain in his bedroom and keep separate from his wife and son who live in the same house with him.

His wife has had to move into the spare room so that he can have their bedroom with an en-suite.  I presume his meals are left outside his door for him to collect.

I cannot imagine how that must feel, unable to leave your bedroom for two weeks.

P is already going stir crazy here, only allowed out once a day (alone) for short periods of exercise and once a week to shop for essentials.   He is up to date with all his gardening jobs and is scratching around trying to find things to do that interest him.  It doesn't help that he now has a very painful backache after too much digging in the veg plot all week.

I try to suggest various things to try but he is not interested. He is an outdoors person and is itching to get out and about, especially as the sun is shining and the weather has improved.

I shall have to try to come up with some sort of project to keep him occupied. 

Any (sensible) suggestions?

Incredible But True

Well, according to the BBC this is true anyway.

A motorist was stopped by police on the M6 in Cheshire on Sunday after he had been out during the lockdown collecting some cheap windows he had purchased from eBay in Salford.
It seems the police found his wife was in the boot of the car as she "could not fit in the vehicle" for the return journey to Coventry.
Heaven help us.


A week ago our small local library invited all members to come along and borrow as many books, games and jigsaw puzzles as they could carry as the library was going to be closed for the duration of the lockdown period.

We could only find six books that we wanted to read. The lovely librarian, however, suggested that we also borrow one of the few kindles that they loan out to people on request.

It is a very basic model with around 100 books preloaded.  It is locked to prevent any additional books being downloaded.

I have never used a kindle before but this one is so basic that it looks quite simple to use. Scroll through all the book titles, decide which one to read then just tap on it to start.

I shall have to work out how to discard a book if I change my mind part way through.

We are keeping it to one side until we have finished the remaining "real" books.

It is freezing cold here today.  The forecast is for bright but cold and breezy weather for the next few days.  At least we have no snow !

Love From Oz

We were having a late breakfast this morning when the 'phone rang. We don't get many calls these days as we tend to use email or Messenger.

P answered it as I am not very good on the 'phone, even with a specially adapted one.

He was gone for ages. After 10 minutes I reheated his coffee and toast in the microwave and took it in to him.  Whoever was on the other end seemed to be doing a lot of talking.

After half an hour the call finished. P said that it was from my uncle in Sydney. He is my mother's older brother, 85 years old, registered blind and recovering from recent heart surgery. 

He and my aunt emigrated to Australia in the early 1960s and we have always kept in touch. I used to write regularly as a child and maintained correspondence with him through my adult life.  He retains some residual sight so I can still send him emails in extra large font which he reads on a 2ft screen attached to his laptop.

He said that with all the current turmoil going on he just wanted to call and speak to those people he cared about most. His family.

As Rachel so aptly commented earlier on another blog, we are all thinking about those we love and that love us.


The postman delivered a parcel at lunchtime.

He placed it on  the doormat, rang the bell then retreated to his van, waving as he left.

When I opened it, there was a new pair of shoes for me and this little gift, handmade by my lovely sister, with the attached message.

It made me cry.

EDITED: For Marjorie, she has knitted I ❤ U Sis

Light Relief

There seem to be many videos circulating at the moment, designed to make people laugh in these unsettling times.

Many are just plain silly but this one, sent to me by sister did make me smile.

Wednesday's Walk

It was gloriously sunny by lunchtime so we decided to go for a walk.

There is a rough track that leads over the hill behind our house so we thought we should be quite safe from cars and other people up there.
Looking down through our little patch of woodland

Keeping our distance

Just a few cows with their calves,  some pheasants and one seagull.

We did pass three other walkers once we reached the lane again but we all kept at least six feet from each other and tried not to cough or sneeze.

Lots of celandines out now.

Keeping Busy

Making sure the old boy doesn't get too bored...

Growing Our Own

Our government ministers have promised that food supplies are still safe for the foreseeable future,  however, just to be on the safe side we are planning on planting out more veg for this year.

The first lot of seeds are now in and we hope to get some more soon, provided the retailers remain open.

Parsnips and radishes just planted under that plastic sheeting.  Rhubarb coming along in the front. Rest of the ground prepared waiting for some seed potatoes, peas and beans.  P is off out early this morning to buy more fresh food and to try to find somewhere that is open and selling seed potatoes and seeds.

We have sown courgette seeds in pots on our window sill at the moment but they will be going out when big enough.

Strawberry plants doing well in the greenhouse.
You can just see our compost bins on the right, behind the telephone pole.

We already have a few herbs on the patio.

If the meat production runs out, we are cultivating our own supply of frogs legs.  These little wrigglers on our kitchen windowsill should be ready in a few weeks.....

Not Bermuda

Today was meant to be the day we began our holiday in beautiful Bermuda for a week of warm sunshine, pink sandy beaches, heritage trail walks along the coastline with spectacular views, indulgent dinners, the odd rum swizzle etc etc...  You get the picture.

Instead, here we are in a state of self isolation with the situation rapidly changing day by day. Only allowed out for now to buy food or medicine.

It seems strange now to even be thinking about a holiday.

We have visited Bermuda before, back in 2014, so we do have some memories to look back on and keep us warm virtually.

We travelled all over the island  - actually a chain of islands linked by causeways  - and visited the various museums, National Trust properties, the historic Naval Dockyard area and the small but wonderful aquarium. We walked along part of the heritage railway trail and enjoyed a few rum swizzles.

We may never get the opportunity to visit again,  but here are just a few photos from that previous trip in case anyone is interested...