A Quiet Time

For various reasons I have decided to withdraw from blogging for a while.

Thank you so much to all those who have welcomed me into your  conversations during my short foray into  Blogworld.  I have enjoyed reading all your posts, whether we were in agreement or not.  Most people have been very kind and for this I thank you.

If my circumstances change I may return sometime, but I know that you will all still be out there and I may quietly listen in to your chats from time to time.

Wishing every one of you a safe and healthy future.

JC xx

Peel Carnival

Yesterday was Peel Carnival where quite a few people gathered to enjoy the festivities.

The picture above is taken from the IOM Constabulary's Instagram feed, together with their following caption:

isleofmanpolice Peel carnival yesterday. Great crowds at a fantastic event. Benefits of a covid free Island. Let’s make sure we all follow the guidelines still in place to keep it that way. #WorthIt #IOMPolice

We did not attend as we are still uncomfortable with being in a large crowd of people.  Now that our residents are allowed to travel off-island provided they promise to self quarantine for 14 days on their return, the risk is, we feel, still too great.  Indeed, when our small group was out walking in the morning we met another acquaintance who told us that she had seen a young woman in the local shop a few days ago.  She mentioned to the young girl that she thought she had been away on holiday, to which the reply was yes, she had arrived back on the island - yesterday!!!  Obviously her idea of quarantine differs from the rest of us.  That's why I am still being careful.

Sunday Morning - A Plantation Walk

Four of us met at our usual time this morning but a different location this week, the car park of the MSPCA (Manx Society For The Protection Of Animals).

Our walk took us along the main road and then a turning onto the Archallagan Plantation single lane road. We had originally intended to walk a 2 hour loop around the lanes but one of our party started to feel unwell, so we decided to cut the walk short by half an hour and continued instead through the plantation and back out the other side.

There were quite a lot of people out enjoying the planation paths, walkers and cyclists and families with young children.  The morning was mainly overcast and dull but reasonably warm, around 17C, so pleasant for walking.

Back at the  car park we went into the MSPCA cafĂ© for coffee and cake - walnut cake this week - one large slice cut into four pieces.

A good chat for half an hour and then the drive back home for a late lunch of sourdough bread with cottage cheese and sliced beetroot from the garden.

I may just read for the rest of the afternoon.

Magic Teeth

Whilst idly browsing online, waiting for the rain to stop,  my attention was captured by an ad for Magic Teeth.

It promised a set of gleaming white, perfectly straight gnashers without the need for costly and painful dentist appointments.

Wow.  As someone with a set of "British" teeth - i.e.  slightly crooked and less than blindingly white - I was intrigued.

Now, obviously, I did not click on the ad's link. I am not that stupid. However, I did consult Professor Google to find out more.  It seems that you can purchase these wondrous plastic dentures online, for a ridiculously low cost. You soak them in hot water to soften them up  then click them over your existing teeth. As they cool they sort of adhere to your teeth and form an aesthetically pleasing veneer.

I am not entirely sure if you can eat with these magic teeth  or how easy if is to pry them loose, but the videos seem to suggest that we can all look like Hollywood stars with lots of gleaming pearly smiles.

Or we could just continue with whatever nature has given us and still be able to chew our rusks.