I may be a little late to this particular party but I recently bought myself a small gift to help me join in with a few of the modern world's wonders.

A Bluetooth neckloop which can be linked to the T coil in my hearing aid.   Once synchronised with my laptop, tablet and mobile 'phone, I can hear the sound ouputs from each device directly into my hearing aids.

I have set it up and checked that it works, which it does admirably, so theoretically I am now equipped to join in with Zoom, Skype and even normal telephone calls.

The only drawback is that, on most days when I am at home, I seldom bother to wear my hearing aids. They become uncomfortable after a while and cause some irritation in my ears.  It seems too much bother to put them in and set up the neckloop just for a brief call.

My new toy may languish in the drawer for a while I fear.

All's Well

I am just back from a hospital appointment this afternoon where I had a series of lung function tests to try to discover why I have been experiencing breathing difficulties over the past several months.

The good news is that I do not have asthma nor any other serious problem.  It seems that my constant hay-fever type allergies (I suffer all year long not just in the summer) has led to a build up of fluid in the smaller airways and that is what is causing my symptoms.

That's OK then. I can breathe a little easier now (see what I did there?).

Andrew Johnson

 Apple season has come around again, one of my favourite times of the year along with strawberry season.  You can tell I am a fruity type of girl.

Our neighbour inherited a well established apple tree in their garden when they moved in over 20 years ago. It is the variety Andrew Johnson. I had not heard of that one before  but it is supposed to be a Manx cultivar, named after a previous Head Forester on the island. Although meant to be a cooker it is also very good as an eater and fruits prolifically.  Luckily for us our neighbour doesn't eat them so we are free to help ourselves.  We usually have buckets full of them - too many for us, so they tend to get distributed amongst friends and acquaintances.  P's running mates are very appreciative.

Here is a bag destined for friends who live in town.


After my very short break from Blogland - only a few weeks - I have come to realise that I miss posting my daily ramblings and so have decided to stage a tentative comeback.  Recording my diary seems to give me a focus on my life which would otherwise just be slipping away from me.   During my time offline I have still been keeping up to date, reading the usual blogs, although not commenting, or posting on my own blog.  Thank you to everyone who left such kind comments and sent messages.

Life here in our little corner of the world has been plodding along as usual but here are a few highlights - more to remind myself of what I have been doing than anything else - but if anyone out there is interested, please read on...

We went away for our isolation-free, airbridge-bubble, week's holiday on Guernsey in August.  A relaxing, stress-free break in very pretty surroundings with wonderfully kind and generous local people (yes, you Mary) and lots of opportunities for long walks along quiet lanes and the beautiful coastline.

Back home we were lucky enough to have missed the last of the summer storms and enjoyed a very brief burst of Indian summer., although my hay fever returned with a vengeance.

On a sudden whim, in mid-September, we booked a one-night staycation at a hotel up in the north of the island. They were offering a special rate for island residents so we thought, why not?  We arrived in Ramsey just in time for lunch at a local cafĂ©, then walked along the river and the quayside before making our way to the hotel by the park when it was time for check-in. A very good meal and a comfortable room-with-a-view followed by a full breakfast the next morning before stocking up at the "big" Co-Op store and returning home. A little adventure.

After being Covid-free for over 100 days, it was announced that three people have tested positive here on their return from visiting the UK.  We are told that each of them have been self isolating so the virus is hopefully not yet out in the community.  However, there was also a report in the local newspaper that a young woman had been remanded in custody for breaching the quarantine rules.  She apparently arrived back here on the ferry and, having signed the declaration on arrival that she understood the "go straight home and stay at home" requirement, promptly popped out to the shops to buy food. It seems a neighbour reported her to the police.  It begs the question, how many more people are doing just the same thing though?

This weekend I realised that the cold nights are now really here to stay so have swapped out the lightweight bed throws for the winter duvet.  The logs and coal will most likely be brought in soon and the fire lit as the nights draw in.  Winter seems to have come around too quickly, especially as our summer here was a washout, unlike the rest of Britain.  Oh well, at least the hay fever should now subside.