Nothing Doing

That just about sums up today here in JayCee Towers.

Steady rain all day.

Nowhere important to go.

Nothing much to do.

Heating on; supper cooked and eaten; wine glass in hand.


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    1. I can't I've signed the pledge for October. I drank four points of blackurrant and lemonade last nightšŸ˜€.šŸŗ

    2. Gosh. That should keep the Klargester busy!

  2. We're busy doin' nothin'
    Workin' the whole day through
    Tryin' to find lots of things not to do
    We're busy goin' nowhere
    Isn't it just a crime
    We'd like to be unhappy, but
    We never do have the time

    1. I have to wake the Sun up
      He's liable to sleep all day
      And then inspect the rainbows
      So they'll be bright and gay
      I must rehearse the songbirds
      To see that they sing in key
      Hustle, bustle
      And never a moment free

    2. I have to watch the river but I can't be bothered.

    3. I see Jacqueline is doing it, anyway.

    4. Oh yes ..... the river is under control ..... so much to do, so little time. XXXX

  3. Same here:
    I have to watch the river
    To see that it doesn’t stop
    And stick around the rosebuds
    So they’ll know when to pop
    And keep the crickets cheerful
    They’re really a solemn bunch
    Hustle bustle
    And only an hour for lunch
    šŸŽµ la - la - la - la - la - la
    la - la - la - la - la - la - la - la - la - la šŸŽµ

    1. Nooo... I shall be singing this all night long now and never get to sleep!

  4. Good quote that - might stick it up on my front door.

  5. Same here. I think it is getting everyone down.

    1. Here it is our horrible weather keeping us indoors. Wet and very windy. Gales forecast later today with coastal overtopping around the coast. There is only so much housework a girl can face.

  6. Not everyone is good at doing nothing. I've got it down to a fine art. some people around here consider knitting, reading or watching TV as doing nothing, not me

    1. Perhaps we could produce a few YouTube videos to show how it's done?

  7. I am busy reading blogs! It helps me kill a couple of hours every morning! Now I thought I might clean the kitchen floor, but maybe you have talked me into doing nothing! Time will tell...


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