'Twas A Cold Frosty Morning

It was past eight o'clock in a cold frosty morning 

When bad tempered October blows over the plain,

I heard Manx Radio repeat a loud warning

As restless I sought for sweet slumber in vain:

Then up I arose, the sun shining bright,

Peel Hill and valley appearing all hoary white;

Forth I would go amid the pale, silent day,

To visit my breakfast, toast and coffee, wahey!.

With profuse apologies to Robert Burns.


  1. Brilliant JayCee. Rabbie will be turning in his grave!

    1. Spinning ever faster, round and round...

  2. My husband had made it, oh what a delight!
    Wearing only an apron - his buttocks looked white!
    "Set doon an eat it my bonnie wee lass!"
    And when he leaned over I squeezed his ass.

  3. JayCee the Manx Bard. More poems please.

    1. Not sure my brain can dredge up any more!


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