Sneak Preview

Offer accepted.

Survey completed.

Conveyancing process initiated,

Hopefully, if nothing scuppers our plans, we may be in by Christmas.

Sunday's Slog

Sunday morning was a fine one; dry with some low cloud but the promise of warm sunshine later.

P had been keen to show me a different route to try out for the Sunday Girls' walking group so we drove the five minutes to park at the tiny Port Lewaigue beach car park to start our walk at 9:30 a.m.

The walk was up and down several hilly stretches (thanks P) and when the sun had burned off the cloud I felt quite hot and bothered.  The views were pretty good though.

The hedgerows are starting to prepare for autumn. We know where to come if we want to pick blackberries.

It is good of the Manx Electric Railway to provide luxury seating at the Dreemskerry Halt.

YP... I tried to find a pretty one for you....

Two hours and 4.5 miles. I had a little siesta after lunch.

Balancing Act

For those who were interested in the fate of the cargo ship that was balanced on our fine sandy beach, there was a successful second attempt at refloating it on the 3 a.m. high tide.  During the day a man with a digger had been scooping out much of the sand around the ship's bottom and then the tug towed it back out to sea when the tide came in.

Needless to say, there was much local interest and quite a few people had headed up there to camp out overnight and watch the proceedings . Lots of night shots and videos on local social media!

The ship is now in Douglas Harbour having its bottom checked by divers for any damage.

Now to balancing of a different kind.

I had been chatting to a friend and mentioned that I was thinking about getting a bicycle as it could be useful for nipping down to the library or the newsagents. Yesterday she turned up with a gift for me...

She is a bit of a Womble (like northsider) and picked this up in the local tip's reuse and recycling shed, which she visits on a daily basis looking for treasures. Her husband had cleaned off the rust, oiled it and given it a thorough check before loading it into their shooting brake and driving up here to deliver it.    It even has a bell that still works. They are both very kind and thoughtful. 

P lowered the saddle for me,  as I am quite short with little legs, then I couldn't wait to try it out.

The road outside the house is on a slope  and has lots of potholes and parked cars all the way along.  As I haven't ridden a bike for over 30 years I was very wobbly plus I hadn't thought to put in my hearing aids so couldn't hear the car which inevitably came up behind me as I wobbled from side to side. 

To try it out properly I am going to take it down to the North Shore promenade which is very wide, very long and flat and not very busy. Perhaps I should wear something padded.


A container ship ran aground on the beach here early this morning.

It was travelling between Liverpool and Belfast.

Forgot that the Isle of Man was in the way?



We had a trip down to Douglas yesterday morning. P dropped me off in town before heading off for his dentist appointment. 

After my couple of errands I had an hour to kill so thought I would browse through the shops.  I quickly became bored with that. I don't really need any clothes and I can't buy anything for the home until we know where we shall be on a permanent basis.  Instead  I headed to the Sea Terminal, bought a takeaway Costa Coffee and sat in the empty departure lounge to wait for P.

Back home,  the afternoon turned out to be wall to wall sunshine. Around 4 pm we decided to go out for a walk.

The view from the kitchen door as we left... (I had walked up to that tower the day before with the "Sunday Girls")...

A three minute walk down to the beach. There were lots of people walking on the sand and swimming in the sea.

We walked past the harbour and around to the park where we discovered it was aperitif time...

Transport Museum

Thursday morning was another grey, damp one so we took a little drive out to visit the Transport Museum, tucked away on the Jurby Airfield site.

It is a small museum  housed in a hangar type building and run by volunteers so not open every day.

Although small, it is packed with quite a few lovely old buses, tram cars and other assorted vehicles. 


For the big kids  there are displays of Dinky Toys, Hornby trains and a (working) model railway layout.

I quite liked some of the signs dotted around...

Entry is free but donations are appreciated. 

Definitely worth a visit on a damp  miserable day.

Chester Draws

Recently P was browsing through the local Buy and Sell ads looking for some second hand bookshelves.

He came across a post advertising "Chester draws. Good condition".

Sounds interesting.

Heart Versus Head

The past few days have been a little nerve wracking.  As I have previously posted,  our planned downsizing project has suffered a few mishaps over the past few months and so we have had to stop, reconsider, and rethink our plans.

We have come to realise that in the current housing climate here on the island, properties within our original budget (i.e. the same price range as the house we have just sold) are in great contention with too many buyers chasing too few properties.

A week or so ago, whilst trawling through the agents' websites on my daily search for a new home, I happened to see a rather lovely home that caught my eye.  It was quite a bit over our budget so I didn't look too closely.  However, as we were disappointed once more with yet another sensible bungalow snapped up before our very eyes, I couldn't help but take another look, and another.   Each day it was like a siren call, inviting me to gaze upon it and wonder at its beauty.  

I checked our finances and tentatively broached the subject with P about the possibility of dipping into our retirement pot to finance a more expensive new home.  After all, we realistically only have around twenty more years before us so perhaps we could take out a chunk from our savings and buy something we love rather than settle for something that is the best of what's left.

Eventually I persuaded him to view the house and I think he fell in love with it as much as I did.  Our offer has been accepted and we are now just waiting for a survey report, due to be done on 1st September.

Here's hoping.

Beef Shin

Vegetarians look away now.

Tonight we felt like pushing the boat out. We had put a bottle of bubbles in the 'fridge and earlier I had defrosted a small pack of Manx beef shin that we bought discounted (at £1.30 for the pack!).  The beef shin was cooked for 10 hours in the slow cooker with some red wine, tomatoes, chilli, coriander, chopped leeks, broccoli, salad potatoes and baby carrots.

I am sorry but I would struggle to become vegetarian or vegan. It was too tasty.

Blue Point

This morning, to cheer ourselves up, we decided to take a little drive out to Blue Point on the north west tip of the island for a walk along the shore.

The sky was dull and overcast and light showers were forecast for midday so we left straight after breakfast.

The drive out past the old Jurby airfield and the Jurby Hilton (aka the prison) only took around 12 minutes. We bumped the car along the rutted and pot holed track down to the dunes then scrambled and slid down a steep sandy path to the shore.

The track that leads towards the dunes.

It is a long stretch of beach and there was nobody else there. Just us and the oystercatchers.  They had left their footprints everywhere.

We walked along the shore to our left as P was interested to see the remains of the old WWII RAF tower, left from when this area was used for bombing training practice.

We came across a lonely clump of harebells growing amongst the dune grasses.

As we walked back along the beach we realised that it was going to be difficult to identify the path back up to where we left the car. The dunes all looked the same.  Fortunately, P remembered seeing a piece of flotsam, some green nylon netting, that was close to the path so we made it back just before the rain came.

We drove back, just stopping for coffee and a shared chocolate chip flapjack in Conrod's Coffee Shop on the way home.