For The Chop

Today I went for my six-weekly haircut, walking into town along the south beach promenade to enjoy the warm, still, sunny morning and relieve a little of the stress that has been building this week.

I mentioned a few weeks back that our next door neighbour obtained permission to take down a huge Cypress and reduce the size of an equally huge, rotting, Sycamore that have grown into our boundary wall, causing damage on both sides. As access to his garden is too difficult we agreed that the tree surgeons could use our drive to park their vehicles and the enormous shredder for disposing of all the trunks and branches.

Our front garden and drive are now in quite a mess and we are hoping that it will be cleared away once they have finished.  My ornamental fuchsia took a battering and has been snapped in two. I am hoping we don't find anything more substantial when they have gone.

The "nosey neighbour" from a few houses further along became aware of the goings on and, armed with some slightly incorrect information, proceeded to broadcast all over the local community facebook page that we were decimating perfectly healthy trees and selfishly destroying the local wildlife habitat.  The usual keyboard warriors have been quick to jump upon the item with no fact checking and many unkind comments have been made.

I have tried not to take any notice as I am sure it will all die down once the initial excitement is over and someone else has become the new target for vilification elsewhere. Still, it is not pleasant.

The experience of having my hair washed, cut and blow-dried into shape was very soothing and I came away feeling a lot more relaxed, if several pounds lighter in my pocket.

After the visit to the coiffeuse, I met a friend outside the old courthouse and we went for  a coffee.  I hadn't seen her for a few months and it was good to chat and catch up.  She is recovering from a bout of Covid and has found it difficult to find the energy to go for the long walks as she used to, although she has been swimming in the sea near her home.  We shared a huge slice of coffee cake, which came with a little pot of cream.  So very naughty.  No lunch for me.

Back home and retreating indoors until the tree surgery is over and I can creep outside to survey the aftermath.

They have just left and it all looks pretty tidy.  Good lads!

Before and after ....  (the trees, not my haircut)....


Friday was warm but showery.   I tried to work out in the garden but soon gave up as I was getting too wet.

Around 5 p.m. I decided to put my gardening tools away as I knew the rain was set in for the evening. Opening the door, I was greeted by a swarm of midges that were partying in the front porch.

By bedtime I was itching like mad and  counted at least 12 large red bites spread all over my face and neck.

I had obviously provided the pesky little blighters with an "all you can eat buffet" opportunity.

I am smothered in cream to alleviate the itching but may end up having to wear mittens to stop myself scratching.

Sea Holly

Thursday morning started overcast and cool at 17C so we decided to walk across town to visit the Grove Museum.  Although the museum was closed we were able to walk around the gardens and admire all the hard work put in by the team of volunteer gardeners (including my very own handyman and Head Gardener).

My eye was caught by the collection of Sea Holly that has been planted throughout.  The intense vivid blue seemed to glow in the dull, cloudy light.

My photo here doesn't do it justice

By the time we had walked back home via the shop for bread and milk two hours had passed and the sun had come out.

I spent the afternoon in the garden making a space for a little extra pretty thing.

On Tap

The recent dry, warm spell (the threatened rain never materialised) has meant that our garden pots have needed to be watered quite frequently. 

The outside tap is beneath the kitchen window at the back of the house. All the pots are on the patio outside the front door.

After days of carrying the watering can all around the outside of the house several times  I mentioned to P yesterday that it would be helpful if it were possible to T into the existing pipe and run it around the side of the house to the front.

He thought about it for a while, took out his trusty tape measure then disappeared off to the plumbers merchants.

A few hours later and, lo and behold, an outside tap on the front garden wall ...

This morning he took me to the hospital hearing aid drop in clinic. We were the first there and he acted as my "assistance husband" as I was unable to hear the receptionist or the audiologist.  Half an hour later my aids were fixed and I came away with spare tubes and filters too.

Back in the land of the living again.


Or at least not a heatwave here exactly.
 I have been reading reports of the horrendous conditions in many parts of mainland Europe. Temperatures of 47C and rampant wildfires; southern parts of the UK  expecting 40C.
Up here today it is a very balmy 25C with light cloud cover and a refreshing breeze.
I hung out some washing on the line at 9 a.m. and it was nicely done to  a crisp by the time the second load was ready to be pegged out.
We went on a picnic with friends at the weekend: blankets spread out on the dunes, salad and sandwiches and elderflower pressé.  By 5 p.m. a light sweater was needed.
Reading the news about the extreme temperatures being endured elsewhere,  I am starting to appreciate our cooler climate a little more.
Inside the Church House the temperature seems to remain constant. It must be due to the thick stone walls.
Our garden is also surviving at the moment without the need for extra watering

I hope all is well wherever you are.


I decided to clean my hearing aid tubes this morning but I seem to have dislodged or broken something as they now don't work.

P has had a look but can't see what I've done,  although there appears to be a tiny grey piece missing from one of them

We have searched the kitchen counter and floor but can't find anything.

The hearing aid drop in clinic is on Wednesday morning so I shall be living in blissful silence until then

Shopping today should be fun.

Island Hopping

As Cro suggested in his comment on my last post, we have been island hopping.  From our cool, wet and windy island up here in the Irish Sea down to the sun kissed shores of the Channel Islands where the temperatures were several degrees higher and the clouds were non existent.

We spent a week on Guernsey and managed a day trip across to her baby sister - the tiny Herm Island (population around 65 permanent residents) - reached via a 20 minute ferry ride.  It was a beautiful, tranquil, largely unspoilt place despite the number of tourists that were visiting. We walked around the entire island on the coastal footpath; two and a half hours of glorious scenery, hot sun and peace and quiet.  A few photos of the Herm trip follow....

I shall not bore you with all the details of our holiday but here are just a couple of photos to give a flavour of what we got up to (usually 3 or 4 hours walking every day) ...

And just one final photo, just for Mr Pudding...

Back On The Road Again

Not REO Speedwagon but JayCee and her sunshine band.

Overnighter at our local airport cheap and cheerful express hotel for a stupid o'clock flight this morning. 

Now waiting at London City Airport for our onward flight to Guernsey.

House sitter is in place.  Looking forward to some sun.