Thinking About Another Trip

I have been thinking about going away again for the Christmas period this year as we have enjoyed our last 3 trips for the festivities in foreign climes.

Not a *bucket and spade* destination this time as the airport experience this past trip was not an experience I want to repeat.

The main contender is Cadiz, with a side trip to Seville and the train to/from Madrid.

We shall see.

A Meaty Thursday

Thursday turned out to be a bad day for my low-cholesterol diet.

I attended a farewell lunch event for the chairman of the local charity where I volunteer.  It was held at a nearby Farm Shop Cafe which has a reputation for excellent food, and so it proved.  I managed to restrain myself as much as possible but with so much delicious charcuterie (produced in-house) and other locally produced mouthwatering products laid out (none of which were low fat!) I couldn't help myself.

For supper I cooked some rather tasty meatballs, supplied to our local shop by Edwards of Conwy, (a Welsh supplier who does a good range of high quality meat products). I grilled them until crisp, to try to reduce the overall fat content, and then gently bathed them in a herby tomato sauce.  I think they appreciated it.


This is the scene from the window right now.

Cannot see past our neighbour's shed.

My brain feels like that too today.

Positively Tropical

The garden thermometer is showing it has crept up to 8C this morning.

P has switched off the heating as he reckons he is too warm indoors.

Someone pass me the hot water bottle!


As promised, our bank has now closed our local branch so if we need any face to face interactions with them we have to travel around 30 minutes into either Douglas or Ramsey.

Most of our transactions are online but there are still a few occasions where we need to visit a branch. 

We decided to open a basic current account at the Isle of Man Bank which has a handy branch just 5 minutes away., for our few over the counter transactions.  We popped in there today, armed with a folder full of various forms of ID expecting to fill in a form and get started.

It seems that, since the recent closure of our current bank branch they have been inundated with requests to open new accounts with them and they were too busy to see us today.

We have an appointment to see them next week.