I have been a little out of sorts for the past couple of weeks.  Probably the result of the pesky cold virus and the ongoing house purchase saga, combined with a sudden change in the temperature.  

Last night P filled a hot water bottle  for me as I suffer from very cold feet when I get into bed.  It did help and I was very grateful, however, I discovered this morning that he hadn't securely screwed the top on so it had been gradually leaking overnight.  I hadn't wet the bed  honest!

As I have mentioned here before, for many years I have been in the habit of taking a couple of glasses of wine every evening with our meal.  About three weeks ago I found that my usual tipple of choice didn't seem to taste as good and I found I didn't really fancy a drink anyway.  I had also noticed at around the same time that my cheeks were looking quite flushed.  Whether this was due to the incipient cold virus or alcohol related rosacea I don't know but I made the decision there and then to give up my usual evening drink.

I haven't missed it really, although I did have a glass of Italian fizz last night.  I am not sure if I feel any different from my abstinence but then I have been a little poorly anyway for the past couple of weeks.

My liver and my bank balance will be very grateful I am sure.

Inching Closer

I had an email this morning from our Advocate telling us that he would shortly be sending out the searches summary report and was almost ready for us to call in to sign the purchase contract.

We are trying very hard not to feel too excited just yet as the vendors could still withdraw from the sale if they are unable to find a property to rent.  The type of property they are looking for is in very short supply.

I keep looking at the photos of the house on the agent's website and planning how each room will look.  Oh, I wish I had more patience. 

My cold has finally gone but has left me quite breathless most days. My walking partner also had a very bad cold at the same time and is still struggling back to fitness. She took a lateral flow test, just in case it was not just a cold,  but she was relieved to find it was negative.  Just a common cold  but a nasty one.

It has turned chilly here this week. The heating is now on for an hour each morning and evening and I had to wade through all the packing cases to dig out our winter duvets.

Inching closer to Christmas.....

Weird Weather

These photos were both taken just now from the side door.

The first shows the view across the road at the front with blue sky and a rainbow.

Turning round,  this is the view from the same spot showing the heavy rain sweeping down from the hill across the back garden .



I ventured out this morning to walk to the library as I am starting to feel much better now.

I did have to stop for a rest on the way there,  in the coffee shop of course,  and then on the way back  I sat on a seafront bench as I had become quite breathless. 

It was a glorious, cold,  crisp, sunny day and the sight of the waves gently tumbling onto the beach certainly took my breath away.

(I had a go at the Panorama setting on my camera).

I enjoyed my short rest... until the chap in the mini 4x4 pulled up and chucked a bagful of bread out of his window for the seagulls.

I beat a hasty retreat.


Yes, after poking fun at P's  exaggerated common cold symptoms, I then caught his pesky bug and suffered all over the weekend. Generally a common cold for me is just the usual sneezing and sniffles with a sore throat and mild headache . This time it seemed much worse and I ended up spending the whole of Sunday in bed, mostly asleep.  I don't know if this was a particularly nasty cold virus or whether my symptoms could have been combined with a reaction to my first ever flu jab on Tuesday.

As Tasker commented in my previous post  there are some medical opinions that suggest that a male's reaction to such viruses is worse due to the lack of female sex hormones which apparently offer more protection.  Perhaps as I am now way past child bearing age  my hormone levels no longer offer me the same level of protection. 

Whatever the reason, it knocked me sideways and I certainly don't want to catch anything else.