A Bumpy Landing

We had a smooth flight over yesterday afternoon,  aided by the cabin crew who cheerfully dispensed copious quantities of a New Zealand sauvignon blanc.  I was in a window seat and had a great view of the rock rising out of the mist as we approached to land.

I had heard that pilots need a special licence to be able to land at Gibraltar as it is a tricky airport location.

As you can see from my little video here, the approach was smooth but the ending was a little rough!

Leaving the rain behind

This was the scene yesterday evening, waiting for our -delayed-flight over to London.
The rain seems to have been incessant all spring and now into summer and we are desperate for some sunshine. 
We arrived at our airport hotel very late last night but had a blissful sleep,  thanks to the very comfortable large twin beds. No P to keep me awake with his twitching and thrashing around!
We are now ensconced in the airport lounge to await our flight to some warmth and sunshine. 

Father's Day

I think this is one of my favourite photos of my dad and me. It is not a particularly glamorous shot but it brings back strong memories of him as a young father (he was 26 in this photo) and a loving dad.  This is a few years before my mother decided to walk out on us and caused his eventual breakdown.

I loved my dad very much and prefer to remember him this way rather than the way he was at the end.  So, remembering you on  Father's Day tomorrow Dad, wherever your spirit may be.

Another little jaunt

As our current B&B bookings are non-existent, we have decided to go away for a long weekend break, at very short notice. We are in desperate need of a break from all the rain.

Unfortunately, what would be a reasonably priced 3 night break for those living in mainland UK turns out to be a rather more costly affair for us when you factor in the additional flights to get on and off the island plus overnight accommodation at the UK airport out and back.

I know, it's all our fault for choosing to live here but we like it so "them's the breaks" as someone said.  

So, be prepared for some more boring photos from our travels coming soon (WiFi access permitting as usual).

PS:  The sun has decided to shine today - typical!

Night Vision

Last night we had supper with friends to celebrate a birthday.  I offered to drive so that P could enjoy a few glasses of fizz with the others.  I don't touch alcohol if I am driving.  He usually drives if we go out at night as, although my eyesight is generally good,  my night vision is poor following my cataract surgery.

It is only a 20 minute drive to our friends' house but it is all on unlit, winding country roads and in the dark I find the headlights from oncoming vehicles tend to blind me.

Last night we stayed quite late and, although the nights are usually very short up here at this time of year,  yesterday had been very overcast and gloomy.  I found the journey home to be a little challenging and was grateful that the roads were very quiet,  being close to midnight on a Wednesday. 

P always says he is happy to drive when we go out at night but I am not comfortable being a passenger with someone who has had a few glasses of wine. I have tried those anti glare glasses for d…