My First Post:

Well, here I am with my nice, shiny new blog. What to write?

I suppose I should really set down a little about myself as, even though the blog is really to help me to get my thoughts in order, others may stumble across me and want to know what it is all about.

I retired at age 60 after 40+ years of the daily grind.  Varied jobs; nothing really remarkable but mainly admin and customer services, with some IT training thrown in at the end.  

After the honeymoon period of bliss at not being ruled by the alarm clock, I started to find the daily round of housework, shopping and the odd coffee morning beginning to lose its appeal.  I do volunteering work, at the local hospice and also our Wildlife Trust gift shop, which gets me out and meeting people.  P (my otherhalf) and I also regularly get together with our small group of friends for supper and a chat.

We offer B&B in our guest room between April to September which also gives us the opportunity to meet people, some of them from far-flung places around the world. There is not much call for B&B outside of those months, due to our location on a frequently cool, wet and windy little island, somewhere "up north".

Between October and April we generally like to travel. Now that we are both retired we can come and go as we please and have managed to fit in quite a few trips in the past year or so.  I may perhaps bore you with a look back at some  of them.

Well, March is here; Spring is promised; the daffodils and blossom are bursting forth, and of course it is pouring with rain.  Twas ever thus.

I leave you with a photo of our next-door neighbours.


  1. Gosh - where are you, I wonder? Are you in one of the Scottish islands? Your next door neighbours look very warm in their woollen coats!

    1. Ah, quite close actually. We are in the Isle of Man so can see Scotland, Ireland and England from here - and Wales too sometimes from the top of Snaefell if the weather is clear!

  2. Hello JayCee, Pat (Weaver of Grass) has mentioned your blog on hers, and here I am, having a look round :-) I like what I see and will definitely be back!

    1. Oh, thank you. I have also had a quick "skeet" (Manx word) at your blog and am now following you too!


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